Redeemer has many opportunities for social ministry. As part of our Strategic Ministry Plan, we believe that God has a vision for us. Our best understanding of God's will for the future of our congregation is that Redeemer will be connected, involved and recognized as a Christ-centered community partner. Below are opportunities to serve in this ministry:

Christmas Giving Tree 


Food Pantry 


If you wish to help distribute food and encouragement to those who come to us for help, contact the church office at 870-425-6071 for names of contacts that will be glad to have you work with them.



Foot Care Ministry 




School Supplies

school supplies ministry


Ozark Center of Hope


We warmly invite you to be the hands of Christ this Christmas season. Share His love for others by helping to provide a joyous and blessed Christmas through gifts of clothing toys and food gift certificates.  Many ornaments decorate the tree.  Here's how it works:  Select one or more ornaments from the tree Buy the gift listed. Wrap the gift and ATTACH THE ORNAMENT WITH TAPE to the package. Please do not place any gift cards in-or on the outside of the package Please place gifts of money or food certificates in an envelope with the ATTACHED ORNAMENT and take them to the church office.  Return the gift to the box in the hall by the office by December 12th.





Many people come to us for food as well as  help in others ways. Yes, we can feed the poor and at the same time give people a hand up. Those who come to us are often discouraged, sad, frustrated people who find themselves in life situations, often beyond their control. They sometimes weep in their despair. Along with food, we give them pocket crosses and hugs and prayers. People needing help can come each Wednesday 11-3 pm at the Family Life Center for food supplies.

There are special giving envelopes in the pews at church.  If each person will donate the amount of one large soda or coffee per week, it could easily amount to $2000 per month for this service so necessary to help those who need to fill the gap between paydays and food stamp issue dates.  Let the kids take part by setting aside one coke cost per week to put in the special giving envelopes. Just mark it as food pantry. It is not too early to teach them how to share God's blessings and how it feels to do something good for others.

Suggested Items for Putting in the Food Panty Box:

Peanut butter-regular and low fat, Cereal--Basic kinds, Soup--basic kinds, Jelly-regular and sugarless, Canned Fruit-regular sized, Spaghetti noodles and Sauce, Veggies--small cans of peas, corn, carrots, etc., Toilet Paper--Toothbrushes--Disposable Razors--Soap Samples



With age or disability even simple things such as trimming toenails can be a challenge. To serve this need, Redeemer offers a pedicure service to people in the community who cannot see, reach, or for some reason are unable to care for their own feet. Volunteers help with nail trimming, soaking, massage, registration or other services. At times, relief workers are needed. We have fun while providing a rewarding service to those in need. We do this on the 3rd Thursday of each month from 9:15-11:30 am in Room C and D.  Contact: Linda Templeton at 870-421-3503 for more information.




School supplies are collected and distributed to children in need of assistance.






View/Download Social Ministry Brochure for additional information




We also host and partner with "Ozark Center of Hope"


Ozark Center of Hope Brochure




Call the office at 870-425-6071 for additional information on any of the above.